Stock shrinkage is a reality that most businesses experience. It’s one of the most significant contributors to businesses losses. The problem is that, it takes time before the owner realizes that there are losses from stock shrinkage.

In restaurants, employee stock shrinkage takes many forms including:

  • Giving away free drinks and food to customers and friends, with no authorization
  • Taking food home
  • Food that has gone bad
  • Over poured drinks
  • Self-imposed breaks that interrupt the flow of services
  • The short ring where the waiter charges the customer for the right drink in cash but ring it as a different cheaper drink to pocket the difference.

With the right Point of Sale system, you can save your business from stock shinkage. A good point of sale system will help you:

Track your sales and inventory

You can compare reports with actual inventory. It allows you to check shifts and see which employee records has a discrepancy. It also allows you to see which items sell most.

The POS system helps track food /drink orders and sales. Once ordered, the ticket cannot get changed unless the manager or owner offers the password. It then becomes hard for employees to give ‘freebies’ to friends and customers. You must, however, advise the bartender and kitchen staff to only approve orders with tickets or receipts.

Security clearance

The point of sale system has a clearance security level that gives bartenders, servers, and managers different security authorizations.

The POS system will then track inventory, price changes, login failures, delete menu items and voided sales. Take control by only allowing managers to remove items or void sales.

The employees should also have a pin or card to log in into the point of sale system. They need this whenever they want to close out a tab or ring up an order. The advantages of having a pin or log-in card is to ensure you protect your business from unauthorized logins and track every transaction.

Cash tracking

Cash can be hard to track, but your point of sale system can help you with this. A good POS provides for end-of-shift reconciliation that ensure that all transactions and cash are accounted for. The employees at the cash register will be required to have a button and cash amount for the cash drawer to open.  You can then track any documented ‘no sale’, void or cash paid out.


With the right tools in place, you can prevent losses to your profit through stock shrinkage. The POS will help you track price changes, failed pin attempts, order voids, security overrides, orders canceled, time clock changes and many more. You stay updated with what is happening at your restaurant, by knowing what is missing when who was in charge.

With the right POS system, you can monitor orders, usage, and waste strictly.  If the employees know that there is a system to track their activities, then they will be careful.

Well, how can you get a good POS System? Click the link below for deatils