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Medicentre V3 Software Function


Why would the system not finalize a patient bill?

This can only happen when the drugs have not been dispensed and payment for all items has not been received or invoiced

How do I create an invoice for a single bill item?

On the billing panel, select the item (Tick), under Type of sale select Credit then click on Create Invoice button. Fill in the required details then click on Save.

How do I change the scheme for a bill item?

On the billing panel, select the item, click the patient scheme field and select any of the schemes the patient has and click on the update button. Alternatively, right click on the bill item and click on change scheme.

How do I change the default patient scheme?

Double click on the patient's name on the queue to access the billing panel, click on Actions, then select "Change patient Default Scheme". Select the scheme from the popup window and click on the set button.

What happens if a patient is billed with tests that are paid in cash? Will these tests be seen in the laboratory before payment?

The system has a configuration feature under branch profile that allows hiding of unpaid services. When this setting is turned on, Tests being paid for in cash will not be visible in the laboratory unless they have been paid for.

How do you record goods returned when a customer has already made a cash payment?

The system allows for reversal of cash transactions where a customer returns goods or where a service was paid for but never rendered. This is provided for on the receipts panel. Here you can cancel a Cash receipt partially or in full. This would adjust the stock levels of the affected inventory items. It would also post a contra-entry against the affected General Ledgers on the system’s Accounting Module.

How do you clear patient visit summary on the system?

MedicentreV3 automatically finalizes a patient's visit once the patient's bill has been finalized.

Can you change the patient scheme after queuing the patient?

Yes, the system provides several options for changing the patient's default scheme. One option is to click on actions, then change the default scheme under patient bills. Another option is to select the patient on the main queue, then right-click select Add Patient Scheme.


Does the system allow for online self-registration of patients?

How do I record the normal immunization?

To record normal immunization, use the Special Clinics module or the Maternity module if the mother's maternal profile was recorded.

Can the pharmacist adjust stock from exported excel file?

Adjusting stock items can be done using the stock take feature available in the system

Are the clinical reports in line with Ministry of Health?

The clinical reports follow the same template as provided by the Ministry of Health.

What are the prerequisites for Telemedicine?

The patient must have an internet-capable device, be registered at the hospital/facility, and know the hospital code.

How does the system handle laboratory self-requests?

Patient registration is done, a lab request is made, payment for the test is made and the patient is queued to Laboratory

How do we remove a patient from the queue?

Navigate to the main queue, right-click the patient, and choose remove from queue.

Does the system allow one to enable or disable ICD10?

ICD10 can be enabled and disabled in the system.


What is the difference between Available Quantity and Total Quantity?

Available quantity is the quantity available for dispensing, Total quantity is the sum of available quantity and reserved drugs. Reserved drugs are the drugs that have been billed but not dispensed.

How do I reconcile inventory total and available quantity discrepancies?

To correct this, navigate to the inventory and selec the storage location, Click on resrved, the system would list all the resrved items, select the items and then either void or mark them as dispensed. Voiding will clear the resrved quantity and return the items back to stock, dispensing will clear the reserved quantity and deduct the items from stock.

How do I change the inventory VAT type?

On the inventory panel, select the item whose VAT type you want to change, click on the VAT Type field and select the appropriate VAT type, then click on Update to save the changes.

How can I receive an interbranch order when one of the drugs is expired?

The system does not allow receiving expired drugs, you must update the expiry date in the issuing branch

How do I get rid of an expired item?

Navigate to inventory, click on View Expired batches, the system would list all the expired batches, select the items and click on Dispose selected, the system would clear the stock quantities for the selected items.

Does the system show the quantity in stock during prescription?

During prescription, one is able view the available quantity in stock for the item being prescribed.

Does the system record consumption of materials?

The system has a material consumption module. To record all that was consumed within the facility. Examples of these are masks and gloves given to employees. This is recorded in material consumption and committed to stock. Once a material consumption has been committed to stock, the amount of items consumed are automatically deducted from inventory.

Does the system allow receiving stock items by scanning barcodes?

One is not able to receive items through scanning barcodes. One can receive stock items through GRN (Goods Received Notes) and commit the items to stock.

Who uploads inventory to client instance?

Before implementation, Hanmak team requests data from the client which is uploaded to the client instance before implementation. Excel templates are shared with clients to populate the required data.

Does the system has a provision to indicate whether the drug is original or generic?

The system provides an option to name drugs as either original or generic and the different prices.

Can the system auto calculate the total quantity for drugs once prescribed?

The system auto calculates total quantity once frequency per day and duration are filled during prescription

Can one cancel a receipt for an already dispensed drug?

One has to have the privilege to cancel a receipt. After canceling the receipt, the drug will be returned to the inventory and revenue collected for the drug rolled back.


"Can you create a consultant bill with a percentage for the hospital and a percentage for the consultant?"

Is it possible to have approval for visa card payments?

The system currently does not have a provision to approve visa card payments.The payments would automatically hit the system configured bank account.

How do I record bank deposits?

Use the bank deposits feature in the accounts module to record bank deposits.

How does the system handle payments for AR invoices?

The system has the provision of creating invoices, recording capitation and reconciling invoices.

How will I know how much money I make?

The system has various reports available on the revenue section. Revenue (By Branch), revenue (By Scheme) and revenue (By department) reports.

How do I handle petty cash?

The system allows for the recording of petty cash. This can be achieved via the supplier bill panel. Petty cash reports are also available under Accounts report i.e petty chash ledger account history report.

How do you prevent employees from adjusting prices?

The restriction can be managed using the privilege "can change unit price." This privilege will be removed from the user role

What happens once the patient bill has been finalized?

The patient visit and the bill is locked and the patient is removed from the queue once a bill is finalized, one cannot make any changes on the bill.

Is it possible to integrate the system with various insurance providers?

The system allows for integration with SMART and Slade 360 for managing patients claims

Is there a limit to the number of schemes that the system can support?

The system does not limit the number of schemes that can be added to MedicentreV3.

Is it possible to get a refund for items that have already been purchased?

A refund is possible by canceling the receipts or an invoice, and the items will be rolled back into inventory.

Can the system accept payments using more than one payment mode?

The system allows payment to be received via various payment modes. The system allows one to configure different payment modes allowed in the facility.

We have an early bird program where we offer discounts to schemes for paying on time; how does your system handle this?

The system has a provision that allows one to offer a sales discount on AR Invoices

Human Resource

How do I access the employee Portal?

Can I do appraisals on the HR Module?

The function is not currently available in the system, but it may be considered in future updates.

Is the system capable of accepting partial payments?

On the billing panel, the system allows you to receive partial payments.

What happens if a patient prefers to pay once for all services?

For such patients, the system allows the creation of a "cash pay later" scheme. This ensures that the patient will pay for all services after they have been rendered.

Can the system differentiate prices for various schemes?

The system allows you to group various products and services with different prices into different schemes. This can be configured using a feature called scheme items.


What mechanisms does the system use to enforce access controls?

How can I assign user privileges on the system?

Under the Security module, select Privileges and the required User Role. Check the required privileges from 'All Privileges' Select the required privileges, click on the arrow pointing on the right side to assign the selected privileges

Can a single user play multiple roles in the system?

Since roles are managed by privileges, a single user can take on multiple roles by allocating several roles to the user.

What happens if a user forgets his or her login information?

The user should contact the facility's System Administrator, who will reset their password.

How frequently do you backup the system's data?

Every hour, the system performs an automatic backup.


How does the system update stock levels in regards to stock purchases?


Is the password for accessing reports the same as the password for logging in?

How can I tell the financial position of my facility?

You can determine your facility's financial position by viewing the Income Statement under Accounts reports.

Is it possible to obtain a report on all drugs and revenue collected from OTC sales?

A revenue report for over-the-counter sales is available.

Where can I find stock reports in the system?

Reports pertaining to stock can be accessed by going to Reports then Inventory Reports. The user must first choose the desired report and date range before clicking on View.

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