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MedicentreV3, the latest version of our series of the HMIS releases, is a new generation Integrated Healthcare Management Information System (IHMIS), which converges latest Microsoft technologies with healthcare administrative and business process. This is a technological solution well aligned with the general trends in healthcare as well as the evolution path in the application of Health Information Technology in solving the many problems faced by healthcare providers, investors in healthcare, medical insurers well as healthcare recipients and other stakeholders. This has evolved from Hanmak’s original solution, MedicentreV1 (Version One) that was released in the year 2010.

MedicentreV3 is a cloud-based web application that incorporates latest Health Information Technologies to provide solutions in healthcare business workflow, patient queue management, clinical data management, telemedicine, patient billing, procurement, human resource, accounts and finance, communication, collaboration in healthcare and much more.

This is a distributed application that can support a single facility as well as a network of healthcare outlets across vast geographical regions within national boundaries as well as across the globe. This amazing application allows doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and other concerned parties to access patient and hospital data and coordinate with each other from any device from anywhere in the world. 

The following chart shows how Medicentre HMIS has evolved from the first version released in the year 2010 and all subsequent releases to the current cloud-based web application.

Product Features and Modules

Automate, measure, control and report to transform your business into an efficient enterprise.

Queue Management

Account and Finance

Patient Billing

Clinical Workflow






Human Resource

Administration and Security


Why Choose MedicentreV3
Cloud-based iHMIS

One-stop-shop solution to all you hospital needs

Avoid running multiple parallel systems for different needs. Save time and money by using an all-integrated healthcare information management system that is designed to link all your departments together to streamline both managerial and clinical workflows.

Seal revenue leakages

Account for all drugs and services offered to patients and improve revenue collection. Automated billing of consultation and routine charges. Enforce payment-before-service rules for cash payers.

Reduce inventory losses

Automate all stock transactions and keep track of drugs and consumables from the point of procurement to dispensing and consumption. Improve the rate of return on inventory.

Boost patient outcome

Standardize patient demographic and clinical data while enforcing medical practice rules. This eliminates medical errors and improves quality of healthcare. Access to a tool for collaborative healthcare which provides the best clinical intervention.

Improve operational visibility

Access to real-time dashboards and reports to track situations relating to inefficiencies and threats. Quickly and proactively take decisive actions to improve efficiencies and manage threats.

Streamline clinical and managerial workflows

Use integrated queue management system to enforce different queuing disciplines. Enforce business process rules and authorization rules for different operational tasks.

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Product Modules

MedicentreV3 Cloud-based iHMIS

Deployment Model

Deployment refers to the process of making the software available and ready for use. In this case, Cloud Deployment Model will be employed taking the form of PAAS (Platform As A Service) in development, running and management of the application and SAAS (Software As A Service) in making it available and ready for use to users. 

The end-user may also have the option of choosing between a public and private cloud. 

MedicentreV3 System Features

The chart below is a graphical representation of the integrated Healthcare Management Information System, MedicentreV3. The features are integrated into one robust, flexible, reliable and highly scalable application that delivers multi-user functionalities across the different platform's spectrum with an astounding speed.

Clinical Workflow Modules

Of great importance to the healthcare provider is systematic and streamlined clinical workflow. MedicentrV3 delivers this and much more through its well-integrated and organized clinical modules that are based on best practice in application of information technology in healthcare.

Supported Clinical and Medical Equipment Standards

The following are some of the clinical standards supported by MedicentreV3. These and others ensure standardized management of clinical data and consistency in clinical reporting.

  • ICD 10/11 – International Classification of Diseases
  • SNOMED – Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine
  • ATC – Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
  • ICHI – International Classification of Health Interventions
  • LOINC - Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes
  • DICOM – Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine 
  • HL7 – Health Level Seven

Patient Registry/Reception

  • Register patient with all details including medical cover schemes. A patient can be registered under more than one scheme. This is important in cases where medical bill is shared among several medical insurance covers.
  • Patient registration for UHC (Universal Health Coverage) for regional/national healthcare systems.
  • Quickly search patients by Identity Card No. Telephone, Email, Patient Hospital No, Name and other fields.
  • Manage patient information through editing when it’s required e.g change of address or contacts 
  • View all the procedures done at the facility
Fig 3.1 Patient Registry / Reception

Queuing system

  • Generate patient tickets and queue them to different rooms and departments
  • Call out patients to different service points.
  • Display panel for patient ticket numbers
  • View the time patients spent in the rooms and also on the queue
  • View in real time all patients in the various rooms and also all patients currently on the queue for all your branches/outlets
  • Track patient movement in the hospital.
  • Improve patient experience by improving waiting time and monitoring service delivery time
Fig 3.2 Queueing Panel


  • Access patient queue and call the next patient on the line
  • Quickly review previous vital signs
  • Quickly and easily input vital signs for the visit
  • Enter nursing notes, procedure and drugs, if required
Fig 3.3 Triage


  • Access patient queue and call next patient on the line
  • Review previous visits notes, prescriptions, investigation and patient history.
  • Quickly enter current clinical notes e.g complains, history of presenting illness, medical and surgical history, allergies etc
  • View the vital signs of the patient as pre-entered by the nurse.
  • Clinical instruction template to be filled by the doctor while sending lab, X-ray and Ultra-sound request.
  • Order investigation and view result once posted by the relevant departments.
  • Quickly enter diagnosis for each patient by using clinical standards such as ICD 10 readily available in the system.
  • Prescribe drugs. This prescription is made available at the pharmacy where they are collected by patients.
  • Patient bill is automatically updated whenever an investigation is requested or a prescription is made.
  • Access a function for clinical collaboration which leads to better and improved care.
  • Schedule for appointment, which is automatically linked with both patient’s and doctor’s phone/email calendar.
Fig 3.4a Doctor’s Panel
Fig 3.4b Patient Chart


  • Access patient queue and call next patient on the line through the integrated queuing system
  • Lab technologist can view if requested lab test has been paid for before proceeding with the test for cash paying patients.
  • View patient insurance cover or Employer Company
  • Manage all lab requests (Both Internal and external)
  • All lab tests are standardized and preconfigured in the system.
  • Quickly and easily fill lab results and send back to the doctor.
  • Automatically generate lab reports indicating time of request and time test is done.
  • Automatically append the name of technicians collecting and posting the results
  • View a printable lab report.
  • Can be integrated with laboratory equipment for fast reporting of lab results.
Fig 3.5 Lab Panel


  • Access patient queue and call next patient on the line through the integrated queue system
  • Radiology technologist can view if requested service has been paid for before proceeding with examination for cash paying patients.
  • View patient insurance cover or Employer Company in case of company employees.
  • Manage all radiology requests (Both Internal and external).
  • Radiology tests are preconfigured in the system.
  • Quickly and easily fill results and send back to doctor
  • Automatically generate radiology report showing time of request and time done
  • Automatically append the name of technicians collecting and posting the results
  • View a printable radiology report.
  • Store and display radiology digital images to doctors.
Fig 3.6 Radiology Panel


  • Antenatal Profiles
  • Labor Chart (Partograph)
  • Delivery
  • Immunizations
  • Development Milestones
  • ANC Register
  • Maternity Register
Fig 3.7a Antenatal Register
Fig 3.7b Maternal


  • Access patient queue and call next patient on the line.
  • Over-the-counter sales (if required)
  • Item Coding and Barcode support.
  • Pharmacist can view if drugs have been paid for before issuing to cash paying patients.
  • The pharmacist can dispense drugs after payment confirmation.
  • View patient insurance cover for insured patients or Employer Company for company employees.
  • Can print prescription if required as well as prescription labels.
  • Maximum and minimum stock levels (For stock control and re- order)
  • Ability to control expiry dates by batch.
  • Automatic mark up on unit cost
  • Request stock items from stores or other departments
Fig 3.8a Prescription
Fig 3.8b Pharmacy


  • Admission assessment and plan
  • Comprehensive first assessment form
  • Admission nursing cardex
  • Nursing care plan
  • Continuation notes form
  • Fluid intake-output chart
  • Inpatient feeding chart
  • Blood transfusion observation chart
  • Blood sugar monitoring chart
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Referral form
  • General observation chart
  • Neurological chart
  • Theatre operative checklists (Pre-Operative, Intra-Operative, Post-Operative)
  • View all available beds
  • Admit patient to specific bed and ward via the system
  • Carry out bed and ward transfer
  • Automated bed charges
  • Allocate nursing care charges based on the bed occupied
  • Use the drug administration chart to dispense, bill and administer patient drugs.
  • Finalize bills and automatically generate patient’s medical bill report.
  • Discharge patient via the system and automatically generate discharge summary.
Fig. 3.9a Inpatient Panel
Fig 3.9b Drug Administration Chart
Fig 3.9c General Observation Chart
Fig 3.9d Neurological Chart
Fig 3.9e Admission Nursing Cardex
Fig 3.9f Comprehensive First Assessment
Fig 3.9g Fluid Intake Chart
Fig 3.9h Inpatient Feeding Chart
Fig 3.9i Blood Transfusion Chart
Fig 3.9j Blood Sugar Monitoring Chart
Fig 3.9k Nutrition Assessment Chart
Fig 3.9l Theatre Preoperative Checklist
Fig 3.9m Theatre Operative Checklists


  • Quickly register deceased with all the required details
  • Update deceased’s details where editing is needed
  • Admit deceased from ward where in-patient passes away in hospital admission
  • Manage deceased’s bill for all rendered procedures
  • Generate admission report for deceased added on the system
  • Record deceased’s burial permit and receipts for inclusion on the discharge report
  • Record post-mortem results
  • Efficiently manage Storage Areas and Storage Chambers
Fig. 3.10 Morgue Panel

Cashier / Patient Billing / Point of Sale

  • An integrated module that can be used for normal patient billing and also as a Point of Sale for over the counter sales.
  • Access patient queue and call next patient on the line.
  • Provides both decentralized and centralized patient billing.
  • Generate receipts for outpatient, OTC and in-patient advance/deposit payments.
  • Generate receipts for debtor payment.
  • Automatic update on patient’s bill when a test/examination is requested.
  • Automatic update on patient’s bill when a doctor makes a prescription.
  • Offers various payment schemes (cash, cheque, mobile money, EFT, credit cards and debit cards – with an option of creating more schemes)
  • Generate invoices for insurance and other corporate clients and also generate receipts for cash paying clients.
  • Partial (stage wise) receipting for what has been paid for
  • Generate sales order from any department and send to cash office for payment.

Corporate Schemes

  • Group Patients by insurance and other corporate entities.
  • Ability to set different prices for products and services for different corporate groups.
  • Set credit limits and periods.
  • View available insurance benefit.
  • The system also allows for patient to have multiple schemes. This facilitates bill sharing among different parties.


  • Raise internal orders as well as PRNs (Purchase Requisition Notes)
  • Raise LPO for stock items and services.
  • View pending and unauthorized orders/LPO.
  • Automatically update stock with (GRNs) Goods Received Note.
  • Automatically create supplier invoice.
  • Merged LPO-GRN-A/P Invoice reports.
  • Automatic alerts when supplier bills are due.
  • Prepare payment vouchers to be authorized and approved before supplier payments.
  • Automatically generate supplier statements
  • View supplier payment history.
  • Issue stock items to other departments
  • Item Coding and Barcode support

Procurement Process Flow chart

Inventory & Storage Locations

  • Raise internal order requisitions and issue stock items between departments and storage locations.
  • Track stock movement form purchases, sales, adjustments, internal transfers etc.
  • Stock take and adjustments with stock variance reports.
  • Inter-branch/department stock movement reports.
Fig 3.14 Inventory Panel


Drugs and Material Distribution

  • With this functionality, you will manage material and drugs distribution across departments within an outlet as well as across outlets/branches.
  • View inventory in other outlets/branches/department and place orders.
Fig 3.15a Internal Orders Panel
Fig 3.15b Inter-Branch Orders Panel

End of Shift Cash Reconciliation

  • Automatic user register (when user begins and ends shift)
  • Finalize and un-finalize all medical bills at the end of the shift.
  • Generate End-Of-Shift Cash reconciliation summary report.
  • End-of-shift cash reconciliation report indicating a balanced report, cash short or cash over.

Medical Diagnostic Images

  • Allows integration with digital X-Ray, Ultrasound and other imaging equipment.
  • Provides image viewer for medical images for doctors and other clinical attendants.


MedicentreV3 supports remote delivery of healthcare services such as consultation and health services to patients. Healthcare providers can use Medicentre V3 platform to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients without the need of an in-person visit.

Thus, Telemedicine reduces the cost of healthcare and increases efficiency through better management of chronic diseases, shared health professional staffing, reduced travel times, and fewer or shorter hospital stays.

Fig. 3.18a Patient Portal


  • Allow patients to book appointments from their phones, which integrate with doctors’ calendar on google and acts as a reminder.
  • Integrates with bulk SMS services where healthcare provider can schedule SMS and remind and/or notify patients on certain things such as taking medicine, doctor’s appointments, upcoming events and much more.
  • Integrated with a chat module that allows users to engage each other online.
  • Internal memos and bulletin.

Accounts & Finance

Integrated Accounting Module

Fig 3.20a – Integrated Accounting Function
  • An extensive, flexible and well organized chart of accounts to support all accounting needs for the healthcare provider. Informed by IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
  • Asset Management – Automated depreciation, asset maintenance.
  • Accounts Receivable - for individual and corporate customers.
  • Accounts Payable – for all suppliers.
  • Aging schedules for both payables and receivables.
  • Automatically generate corporate statements.
  • View statement per company at a click of a button.
  • Allocate invoices once payment is received and automatically remove them from pending invoices.
  • Simplified management of medical cover rebates e.g NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund)
  • Cash management (Petty cash, cash transfers, banking)
  • Create and monitor bank deposits
  • Write cheques to suppliers and also for other payments.
  • Budgeting – Automated budget schedule for monthly, quarterly and yearly periods.
  • Bank reconciliation and reconciliation report.
Fig 3.20b –Revenue Analytics
Fig. 3.20c Financial Dash Board
Fig. 3.20d Inventory Dash Board
Fig. 3.20e Procurement Dash Board

Accounts Payable

  • Accounts payable ledger
  • Supplier ledger
  • Supplier aged analysis report, month wise with an option of matching the invoices against the payments
  • Consultant doctors ledger accounts
  • Automated payment vouchers & remittance for payments
  • Merged LPOs/GRNs/Payable Invoices

Accounts Reports

  • Revenue ledger report
  • Revenue Reports (Outlet/Branch, Department)
  • Revenue graphs (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Aging Analysis for both payables and receivables
  • Cash receipts, Cheque payment, payment mode Schemes
  • Bank reconciliation reports
  • Ledger account statements
  • Medical bills reports (Patient wise/ company wise/Date wise/ Status wise)
  • Financial Statements - Trial Balance, General Ledger Report, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash-flow Statement and Budget.
Fig. 3.20.3 a Analytics
Fig. 3.20.3b Comprehensive Income Statement
Fig. 3.20.3c Income Statement Detailed
Fig. 3.20.3d Income Statement Summary
Fig. 3.20.3e Statement Cashflow
Fig. 3.20.3f Budget VS Actual
Fig. 3.20.3g Monthly Revenue Comparison Report

Patient and Medical Reports

  • All Patient Register.
  • In-patient admission register.
  • Bed Occupancy & Bed Occupancy Rate (BOR) reports.
  • Out-patient visit register reports.
  • Ministry of Health Reports (MOH 204, 705A, 705B, MOH 717, etc)
  • Laboratory data summary reports
  • Patient visit summary.
  • Patient prescription reports
  • Patient lab reports.
  • Patient radiology reports.

Patient Medical Bills Reports

  • In-patient medical bills summary reports.
  • Patient medical bills analysis by insurance, company, institution and customer account.

Human Resource

  • Employee registration.
  • Ledger integrated pay slip generation
  • Payroll analysis.
  • Consultant registration and consultant bills statements.
  • Different payment schemes for consultants.
  • Employee registration.
  • Automatic master payroll generation
  • Ledger integrated pay slip generation
  • Payroll analysis (PAYE, NHIF,NSSF, Loan and other payroll parameters)
  • Leave and off-duty management and duty roaster.
  • Diary.
  • Scheduling and Duty Roster.
Fig. 3.23a Scheduling

Fig. 3.23b HR Dashboard


Fig 3.25a Optical Shop
Fig 3.25b Optical Workshop

Special Clinics

Ability create any special clinic required by the healthcare provider

Fig 3.26a Special Clinics Shortcuts
Fig 3.26b Clinical Analytics

Administration and Security

  • Each user his/her own username and password.
  • Unlimited user groups/roles within distinct privileges.
  • Assign user privileges according to group role.
  • Centralized administration and configurations.
  • Audit trail for all user actions
  • System logs.
  • Supported by high performance RDBS (Relational Database System)
  • Automated backups and fail over of the system 

Devices Supported

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets and Phablets
  • Smart Phones

Browsers Supported

  • Google chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Chrome for Android
  • Opera Mini

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    peter oduor Avatar peter oduor
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