Frequently Asked Questions

LoyonERP Pre-Purchase

Is it possible for me to access the system remotely?

Yes, it’s possible to access the system remotely using any internet enabled device with a browser.

Can the system be integrated with our website?

A link to the system can be added on their website and patients can use the link to book for appointments and attend remote sessions

Does the system allow upload of videos and photos?

The system allows upload of videos and photos but there is cost implications for uploading videos.

Will you be able to access our data?

No, after the implementation, the project is handed over to the facility, and only the facility has full control and access of their data.

Must the software be cloud based?

No the system can be deployed as a web-based but cloud based option is the best for better management and support.

What is the cost of the system?

The pricing for the system depends on two parameters;number of modules and number of concurrent users.

Can you integrate the system with Mpesa?

Yes,the system allows integration with Mpesa.

Is it possible to attach external files to the system?

It is possible to attach external files to the system after an external cloud storage has been configured.

Does the system require internet connection?

The system is cloud based and requires internet connection for access.

Can the system be integrated with QuickBooks?

The system has an integrated accounts module and it is not possible to integrate with QuickBooks accounting software.

Does the system allow multiple payment modes?

The system allows one to receive multiple payments.

Is the system accessible only in Kenya?

The system can be accessed from any internet capable device across the globe.

Do you provide user guides?

Yes, user guides are provided after implementation of the system.

What happens if there is no electricity or internet?

One could use a modem as backup but as for electricity thefacility needs to have power backup.

What are the computer specifications required?

One would require at least a Core i3 4GB, RAM 250Hdd stable internetconnection 5Mbps.

What is the difference between the cloud based and the desktop version?

For the cloud-based version internet is required while on the desktop version internet is not required, for the cloud-based version it’s easy to access it remotely using any internet enabled device while the desktop version one needs remote application to access it remotely, the cloud-based version is more advanced in terms of features, the graphical user interface is also different for both syst

Is it possible to install the system?

The system is accessed via a browser using the provided link .The system is accessed on any internet enabled device

Is it possible for the system to work when there is internet interruption?

A back up internet connection would be required during internet interruption.

Does the system have a limit of user access?

No,The system does not have a limit to user access. It depends with the concurrent users.

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