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Loyon Cloud-Based Hotel Software is designed to solve complex hospitality business challenges by focusing on all the operational areas that determine the efficiency and profitabiity of the business. It also provides a great user experience through easy to use panels and great visibility into business operations. It is intuitive and with high availability to meet your business needs for every point in time.

The system is core to your business, with the critical objective of ensuring sufficient oversight and control of transactions and operations. Loyon Cloud-Based Hotel Software offers robust and multilayered security features to secure your business data.

The system provides you visibility into key business insights including front office operations, yield management, dynamic pricing, housekeeping, budget control, tracing stock movements, supply chain performance and financial reporting. These insights are configurable as required by your business operations. With its depth of functionality and the best practices incorporated into its implementation, you are guaranteed to have right tool to manage your hospitality business.


Some of the core features and benefits include:

  • Streamline your operations: Track business processes from the shop floor to delivery. Get products to market faster, while minimizing costs and supply chain liability.
  • Advanced scheduling: Incorporate constraints to reduce Work-in-Progress and improve time performance.
  • Optimize Production: Improved capacity planning allows you to gain control over scrap, yield and rework metrics.
  • Enhance warehouse productivity: Access business data via mobile devices, reduce lead times and improve customer service with quicker delivery
  • Engineering Change Control: Eliminate paper work and minimize human error
  • Product Configuration: Rules-based options to improve your whole Product Lifecycle Management. Integrated with automated Bill of Materials to minimize rework.
  • Financial Management: Designed to help financial leadership analyze their performance and make innovative changes to improve operations, cut costs and increase their returns.
  • Boost Customer Service: Get a single view of customers, contracts and orders with integrated computerized maintenance management module
  • Customer Relationship Management: Get powerful sales automation, marketing automation and customer service capabilities. Integrated with your Customer Billing Process to improve margins with more accurate quoting and manage special customer pricing
  • Traceability of inventory: Maintain audit trails with serial control and traceability of parts by lot number
  • Quality Control: Obtain greater efficiency in handling defective material issues
  • Reliability Management and Maintenance Scheduling: Determine work needs (labor, materials inventory, materials requisition), control the work and measure effectiveness in carrying out maintenance work. Confirm the validity of actions taken and measure their effectiveness.
  • Shorten decision cycle times: Get accurate and valuable insights on-demand. Empower decision-makers with real-time visibility into business performance data. Monitor all operations remotely from a smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer and keep track of every concern in your business operations. Allows for proactive adjustments to strengthen your business across the value chain.
  • Intuitive user dashboards with drilldowns into particular business insights
  • Secure and fail-over system for all business data.
  • Save on infrastructure set-up and maintenance cost – you only need a device with access to the internet to use the application and hence no need for expensive servers and other hardware.
Product Features and Modules

Automate, measure, control and report to transform your business into an efficient enterprise.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Accounting & Finance

Table Reservations

House Keeping

Front Office

Stores & Kitchen


Cashier / Point of Sale


Human Resource

Administration and Security

Customer Relationship Management

Why Choose Loyon Cloud-based Hotel Software

Increase profitability

Seal revenue leakages by accounting for all services offered and items sold to customers. Create budgets and monitor expenses. Track petty cash utilization.

Improve service delivery

All orders made on POS are instantly send to the kitchen and the chef alerted. This reduces times taken to process orders for guests.

Improve housekeeping

Create schedules for cleaning and maintenance. Keep track of all housekeeping consumables. Improved housekeeping for comfortable stay of guests.

Reduce bar & kitchen inventory losses

Automated inventory updates whenever new items are bought, stock bar items are sold and consumables used. Track movement of all inventory items in your business. Get more returns on stock investment.

Streamline hotel operations and constantly improve efficiency

Standardize the procurement procedure and introduce approval and authorization levels. Get
instant access to room and other facilities available for booking at a click of a button. Reserve
rooms and other facilities upon request. Bill in real time all services and products provided to guests.

Access to highly informative reports and KPIs dashboard

Get instant insights into your business at a mouse click. Track performance of various KPIs and take immediate measures to correct any abnormalities and mitigate threats.

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Product Modules

Loyon Cloud-based Hotel Software

Administration & Security

  • Each user has their own username and password
  • Unlimited user groups within distinct privileges
  • Assign user privileges according to group role
  • Centralized administration and set ups
  • Supported by high performance cloud computing platform
  • Automated backups and fail over of the system


  • Integration of POS with I-Pay payment gateway for seamless recording of payments from customers through mobile money and payment cards
  • Integration with biometrics for waiters


  • Schedule and send important reports to emails and smart devices
  • Automated alerts notifications
  • Online access over any internet enabled device

Employee Portal

  • Request for leave
  • View approved leaves
  • View pay slips
  • View diary for scheduled tasks
  • View Income Tax Deduction Card

Human Resource

  • Employee registration
  • Ledger integrated pay slip generation
  • Leave management
  • Automated master payroll reports
  • Payroll analysis (PAYE, NHIF, NSSF, Loan and other payroll parameters)
  • Ledger integrated pay slip generation
  • Leave and off-duty management
  • Scheduling and Duty Roster
  • Diary

House Keeping

  • Delegation of work to specific housekeeping staff
  • Track room status against assigned housekeeping staff
  • Track consumable inventory, equipment and operations
  • Block room for maintenance where required

Business Intelligence Dashboard

  • Provides insights on business KPI’s
  • Metrics displayed on Hospitality section: Average Daily Rate, Revenue Per Available Room, Room Occupancy Rate, Average Length of Stay, etc
  • Metrics displayed on Financial section: Gross Profit Margin, Operating Expense Ratio, Current Ratio, Operating Profit Margin, etc
  • Metrics displayed on Inventory section: Inventory Turnover, Inventory Period, Inventory to Sales Ratio, etc


  • Generate and adjust budgets easily monthly/quarterly/yearly
  • Pre-fill newly generated budgets with data from a previous budget summary
  • Obtain budget variance reports for analysis of your spending
  • Assess favorable and unfavorable variances against Standards
  • Assess the efficiency of organizational spending across departments

Assets Management

  • Asset capitalization: track cost of asset acquisition
  • Track depreciation, transfer, revaluation, and disposal
  • Record asset insurance policy details and keep track of premium payments
  • Preventative Maintenance: track technical servicing scheduled for the asset
  • Asset tagging

Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts receivable ledger
  • Corporate statements
  • Accounts receivable aging analysis (summary / per customer / per organization)
  • Batch payments for A/R Invoices.
  • Partial A/R invoice payments

Accounts Payable

  • Accounts payable ledger
  • Supplier ledger
  • Supplier bills report
  • Supplier aged analysis report by month. Provides an option of matching the invoices against the payments
  • General ledger accounts
  • Automated payment vouchers & remittance for payments
  • Merge GRNs, LPOs, delivery notes and the invoices
  • Batch supplier bills (A/P invoices) payments.
  • Partial A/P invoice payments

Accounting & Finance

  • An extensive, flexible and well organized chart of accounts to support all accounting needs for your business. Informed by IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
  • Asset Management – Automated depreciation, asset maintenance
  • Accounts Receivable – for individual and corporate customers
  • Accounts Payable – for all suppliers
  • Aging schedules for both payables and receivables
  • Automatically generate corporate statements
  • View statement per company at a click of a button
  • Allocate invoices once payment is received and automatically remove them from pending


  • Cash management (Petty cash, cash transfers, banking)
  • Create and monitor bank deposits
  • Write cheques to suppliers and also for other payments
  • Budgeting – Automated budget schedule for monthly, quarterly and yearly periods
  • Bank reconciliation and reconciliation report
  • Multi-currency support

Customer Relationship Management

  • RFP Management/opportunity management
  • Lead management
  • Pricing and Discount Matrix
  • Account Management
  • Track sales campaigns
  • Contract Management
  • Customer Portal
  • Customer Releasing
  • Sales Orders, entry, tracking
  • Sales Quotes & Estimating, Entry, Tracking
  • Engage with guests through automated, customizable emails, specific discounts and packages, before and after stay
  • Send push notifications with special offers to guests during stay
  • Reuse content (emails, text)
  • Schedule emails on mobile friendly templates
  • Drive guest loyalty through gift cards

Table Reservations

  • Configure tables for all locations in the restaurant
  • Define tables to indicate minimum and maximum number of guests

Menu Planning

  • Efficient menu analysis. Drive profitability through food costing
  • Categorize menu items to maintain an optimal yield on your cost/price matrix by lowering overall fixed costs
  • Determine the contribution of your recipes and sub-recipes to the gross margin
  • Maintain competitive uniqueness through dynamic pricing for automatic offers and happy hours
  • Integration with online food ordering platforms

Stores & Kitchen

  • Supports multiple storage locations
  • Create different categories and sub-categories for all items
  • Add new and update existing stock items
  • Alerts and reports for items with short expiry dates (where applicable)
  • Alerts and reports for stock levels
  • Track stock movement from purchases, return outwards, sales, return inwards, internal consumption and stock adjustments.
  • Adjust stock when necessary
  • Inter-departmental (and branch) stock orders (issue items between storage locations and departments)
  • Automatic mark up on unit cost
  • Stock take functionality with variance reports
  • Handheld support for inventory tracking/ordering helps you maintain a paperless  kitchen


  • Raise LPO for stock items and services
  • View pending and unauthorized orders/LPO
  • Automatically update stock with Goods Delivered Note
  • Automatically create supplier invoice upon receiving goods.
  • Merged LPO-GRN-A/P Invoice reports
  • Automatic alerts when supplier bills are due
  • Pay supplier invoices and bills
  • Automatically generate supplier statements
  • View supplier payment history

Front Office

  • Create facilities e.g. Rooms, conference halls, gardens etc
  • Set rates for all facilities and services offered.
  • Check facility (rooms, conferences) availability.
  • Booking calendar displays occupancy with predictive data on peaks
  • Guest registration
  • Guest items registration
  • Track city ledgers and registered guests
  • Allocate guest packages and additional charges to folio
  • Split guest folios
  • Track commissions paid against travel agents
  • Review daily financial activities through Night Audit
  • Track status of each room against housekeeping
  • Generate reports for capacity utilization and facilities occupation rates
  • Dynamic rates. Optimize rates for peaks, holidays and weekends
  • Interact with guests pre-arrival, during stay and post-departure

End of Shift Reconciliation

  • Automatic user register (when user begins and ends shift)
  • Generate End-Of-Shift Cash reconciliation summary report
  • Generate cash receipts and payment schemes summary report (includes revenue units summary)
  • Generate sales and cash reports for every cashier/user

Cashier / Point of Sale

  • Touchscreen point of sale.
  • Supports multiple points of sale and cashier points
  • Provides a simple menu from which to create orders
  • Raise sales orders and send them to stores/cashier/kitchen
  • Provides creation of different types of categories for customers
  • Provides options for cash and credit transactions
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Provision for item codes
  • Generate quotations
  • Generate delivery notes
  • Create customer accounts
  • Generate receipts for cash paying customers and invoices all credit sales.
  • Generate receipts for debtor payment
  • Offers various payment schemes (cash, cheque, mobile money, EFT, credit cards and debit cards – with an option of creating more schemes)
  • Automated VAT analysis
  • Reports indicating all sales done by every user/cashier/waiter

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  • Thank you Hanmak Technologies for the innovative TunaPos System that runs in our institution, not forgetting the team that lead to the installation and staff training, Albert and Evans i real appreciate the effort you made. On behalf of Le Savanna Country Lodges and Hotels LTD i want to say the system is well and user friendly

    peter oduor Avatar peter oduor
    June 23, 2020

    Thanks Hanmak Technologies Ltd for your good services you are offering,I am particularly pleased with the kind of software(Medicentre) you developed,I must say that it's a good software,one which is reliable,easy to learn and affordable.Thanks for the good job.

    tom ajuoga Avatar tom ajuoga
    June 23, 2020

    the system application is easy to use and also secure for medical information/records,we thank hanmak technologies.

    Geoffrey Abuya Avatar Geoffrey Abuya
    June 23, 2020

    Since I used your software medicentre ,it has been a nice experience. keep it up HANMAK TECHNOLOGIES LTD

    Ken Kahwai Avatar Ken Kahwai
    June 23, 2020
  • Thank you for coming up with such a nice hospital management system. Medicentre 2.5 is the best and with your always available supportive team. The training was nice and i liked how your trainers explain and demonstrate how the system works. The operational manual is designed in such a way that it is easy to understand and to follow. I have used your system for sometime now and I can't see anything that can deny you 5 stars. You ( Hanmak Technologies Ltd) deserve more than 5 stars. Keep up the good work.

    David Ondieki Avatar David Ondieki
    June 23, 2019

    Hanmak Technologies is definitely a cut above the rest ! They are not just a Software Company but a Solutions Provider. Their passion and dedication are most admired and appreciated. All of their products are developed with international standards in mind.I highly recommend to everyone looking to automate their business ,organization or facility.

    Morris Gatheru Avatar Morris Gatheru
    June 23, 2019

    The Hospital system has been handy. it has enabled Port Florence sort out some of its challenges. it has also helped ease the reporting.

    denis okoth Avatar denis okoth
    June 23, 2019

    Hanmak Technologies is the only company with the best Hospital system that i have ever used.

    Muturi Bernard Avatar Muturi Bernard
    June 23, 2019
  • really love your work since you ppl came on board my work has been easy especially records and report writing ..good work hanmak tech am doing marketing for you guys.

    Caro Letty Avatar Caro Letty
    June 23, 2019

    Great service and delivery .User friendly software , easy to understand. Your services well appreciated here. Thanks all

    kenny kirui Avatar kenny kirui
    June 23, 2019

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