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Integrated Healthcare Management Information System – CloudBased

Designed to offer a comprehensive solution to the entire healthcare business process. Use this application to streamline clinical and managerial workflows, standardize patient demographic and clinical data, seal revenue leakages, reduce stock losses, bring about accountability and secure hospital and patient data.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System – CloudBased

Created to solve complex business challenges. It provides a great user experience through easy to use dashboards and great visibility into your business operations. It focuses in Workflow Management, Sales Management, Financial Management, Production Management, Warehousing & Distribution Management, Customer Relationship Management and Human Resource Management.

TunaPOS – Hotel, Bar & Restaurant Software

An integrated hotel management software with a touch screen point of sale interface. Integrated with reservation, guest folio, sales orders, kitchen, bar, restaurant, housekeeping, human resource & payroll, procurement, and accounts & finance.

Custom Applications Development

Customized applications development services leveraging advanced technologies. These applications are designed for specific users and business processes whose problems cannot be solved by off-the-shelf standard software solutions.

Demo Video/Tutorials

Demo Video/Tutorials
  • Medicentre Demo Videos
    • Basic Outpatient Workflow – Medicentre 2.4
    • Medical Billing – Medicentre 2.4
    • Procurement Module – Medicentre 2.4
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Increase your revenues and profits

Measure and optimize to create better strategies and tactics using standard MIS and standard reports

Increase Brand Reputation

Provide a wow patient experience and get more referrals through your happy patients

Optimize Productivity

Leverage automation and EMR flow across departments to ensure optimum productivity levels for your team

Streamline Operations

Use interconnected department view to streamline your operations so as to provide enhanced interaction between your patient and healthcare provider

Reduce Inventory Leakages

Maximize your inventory control to ensure that you have a tight control and optimum reorder levels

Increase Visibility

Use Audit Trails to track everything in your hospital . Track

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