Frequently Asked Questions

Loyon Cloud Hotel Software


What happens when an order is canceled or voided?

When an order is voided or canceled, the bill items are returned to inventory.

Is it possible to receive customer deposits?

Yes, it is possible to receive customer deposits. You can receive a customer deposit on the sales module panel and use the deposit to offset sales order items from a sales order.

Human Resource

How do I access the employee Portal?

The employee portal is accessible via the Medicentre Login Page.

Can I do appraisals using the HR Module?

The feature is currently unavailable in the system, however it may be considered in future releases.


Is it possible to check in a guest on Room Status?

Yes,The system has the capability of checking in a visitor based on Room status.

Is it possible to change the rates and charges on a guest folio?

Yes . The system allows for rate changes on a guest folio.

Is it possible to create a new folio from an existing one?

Yes, you can create a new folio from an existing one.

Is it possible to post room charges for multiple guests at once using the system?

Yes, the system allows you to post room charges for multiple guests at once. To do so, navigate to Hospitality>Front Office>Night Audit >Nightly Charges. Check (tick) the boxes of all guests whose room charges you want to post on the Nightly charges panel, then click the "post" button.


How do I record bank deposits?

You can record bank deposits in the accounts module by using the bank deposits feature.

How does the system handle AR Invoice payments?

The system allows you to create invoices, record capitation, and reconcile invoices.

How will I know how much I am making?

The revenue section of the system contains a variety of reports. Reports on revenue (by branch), revenue (by scheme), and revenue (by department).

How do I handle petty cash?

The system allows for the recording of petty cash. Petty cash reports are also available under Accounts reports.

Is it possible to do a refund for items that have already been paid for?

It is possible to do a refund by canceling the receipts, and the items will be rolled back into inventory.

Can the system accept payments from more than one payment mode?

The system has a provision of receiving payment using different payment modes

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