Frequently Asked Questions

MedicentreV3 Pre-purchase

Is it possible for me to access the system remotely?

Yes, it’s possible to access the system remotely using any internet enabled device with a browser.

Can the system be integrated with our website?

A link to the system can be added on the facility's website and patients can use the link to book for appointments and attend remote sessions

Does the system allow upload of videos and photos?

The system allows upload of videos and photos but there is cost implications for uploading videos.

Does the system allow digital signing of consent forms?

Yes, the system allows digital signing of consent forms.

Will you be able to access our data?

No, after the implementation, the project is handed over to the facility, and only the facility has full control and access of their data

Does the inventory deal with hospital assets?

No, there is an asset management module where the facility can manage its assets.

Is it possible to view operations for the other branches?

Yes, you simply add a system user and assign branches to the system user. users do not need different credentials to log in to other branches.

Does the system provide MOH Reports?

Yes, various MOH reports are available on MedicentreV3.

Must the software be cloud based?

No, the system can be deployed as an on premise, but cloud-based option is the best for better management and support.

What is the cost of the system?

The pricing for the system depends on two parameters; number of modules and number of concurrent users.

Does the system have a telemedicine feature?

Yes, the system has a telemedicine feature.

Does the system allow multiple payment modes?

Yes, the system allows one to receive payments using different payment modes.

Can you integrate the system with Mpesa?

The system allows integration with Mpesa.

Is it possible to attach external files to the system?

It is possible to attach external files to the system after an external cloud storage has been configured.

Does the system allow sending of SMS?

The system can be intergrated with bulk SMS platform to enable one to send SMS.

Does the system require internet connection?

The system is cloud based and requires internet connection for access.

Is possible to have approval for visa card payments?

The system currently does not have a provision to approve visa card payments.

Can the system be integrated with QuickBooks?

The system has an integrated accounts module and it is not possible to integrate with QuickBooks accounting software.

Can the system allow self-patient registry online?

The system does not have the capability for self-registry.

Does the system have a referral feature?

The system has a referral feature. One can record inbound and outbound referrals in the system.

Is the system accessible only in Kenya?

The system can be accessed from any internet capable device across the globe.

Is it possible to integrate the system with the lab equipment?

It depends with the equipment whereby the manufacturer details are needed and APIs, the development team will then assess the provided details and advice whether it’s possible or not.

How does the system handle claims?

Claims can be managed by Smart API integration.

Who does the Mpesa integration?

The Hamak team does the intergration. Mpesa intergration is done using Mpesa daraja, a platform provided by safaricom that allows developers to intergrate software with mpesa.
The facility is required to provide Mpesa portal login credentials.Safaricom provides the Mpesa portal credentials.

Does the system support integration with various insurance providers?

The system allows for integration with SMART and Slade360 for managing patients claims.

Are there any alerts on the system indicating that a drug is almost out of stock?

The system has a notification “below reorder level’’. The reorder levels should be configured first.

How many people can change price input for items?

The system has privileges that limits users from performing certain actions on the system

Who does the installation for LAN connection?

The facility is responsible for ensuring that LAN connection is done.

Do I have to pay extra if I want to add another facility branch?

Yes. On would have to pay for the addition of another branch

Do you have support agreement?

For the Guarantee Period (1 year after project handover) the client receives free support services. Upon expiry of the Guarantee Period the client is required to signs up to the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).
The AMC provides services covered under the Support Agreement.

Is my information confidential?

All Hanmak Technologies employees sign confidentiality agreements and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of those agreements and keep all information that you may share with the Hanmak Technologies help desk confidential.

Will there be any additional charges for integration?

One would have to pay for intergration. Intergrations are subject to billing.

Is the software local?

The system is locally developed by Hanmak Technologies team.

Can all our 300 employees access the system at the same time?

The system is fully optimized and as long as you haven’t reached the maximum number of concurrent users, your employees can access the system at the same time.

Can we be given a trial period?

No. Hanmak Technologies offers all prospective users login credentials for the online demo instance where they can have a feel of the system whil testing out different scenarious related to their business. Our customer service team is always avilable to help the prospective user navigate the system. Online user guides are also available as part of the demo isntance.

Will there be a delay when all concurrent users are accessing the same reports?

The system is fully optimized to accommodate all tasks regardless of the number of con-current users performing the task.

How long does it take for your implementation team to start the project after payment has been made?

An implementation schedule is shared before the project begins

Does the system generate the P9 form?

Yes, The report can be accessed under HR Reports

Can the system be set to restrict clinician from clerking if vitals not recorded?

This can be configured as per facility's requirements.

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