Getting the Right Tools for Clinical Practice Management

Running a clinical practice requires a delicate balance of skills. Skills that weigh the demands of practice management against the need to improve the quality of life for your patients. The clinician needs to keep their focus on the patient while managing their workload. It is therefore necessary to record, archive and access patient data […]

5 Problems Addressed by Hospital Management Information Systems

Technology provides greater speed and accuracy in the decision making process. Healthcare enterprises could benefit from this by adopting an effective HMIS (Health Management Information System). This goes a great way in solving major operation inefficiencies that affect most healthcare facilities.

5 Benefits of Hospital Management Software

Are you using the right software for your healthcare business?

Hospital software is supposed to make your work easier, improve operational efficiency, support clinical and managerial decision making process, and most importantly save you money and support growth of your capital. Does your hospital software:- Make your work easier and save you headache? Running a hospital is a complex affair due to the many operational […]

Are you using the right software for your healthcare business?

Why use cloud-based solutions for hospitals in Kenya

It’s challenging to transform the healthcare industry in Kenya due to the slow pace of technology adoption and the amount of sensitive, personalized information.

Cloud Based Systems in Kenya

How Much of Your Bar and Restaurant Profits Are You Losing to Stock Shrinkage

Stock shrinkage is a reality that most businesses experience. It’s one of the most significant contributors to businesses losses.

Stock in a Bar and Restaurant

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