Frequently Asked Questions – Support Guidelines For Customers

For the Guarantee Period (1 year after project handover) the client receives free support services.

Upon expiry of the Guarantee Period the client is required to signs up to the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).

The AMC provides services covered under the Support Agreement.
Hanmak Technologies recommends that the facility routes all its support enquiries through the facility’s System Administrator.

In lieu of that, support services will be provided to any current employee of the client that has undergone a reasonable amount of orientation or training on the current software modules. The above can call the Hanmak help desk.
The general number +254 (0) 795 057 377, +254 (0) 789 199 524, +254 (0) 786 676 144. The call will be picked up by a Customer Support Executive. If you would like to contact the Hanmak help desk by email, write
The Hanmak help desk will require:
  • full description of the event
  • a screen print
  • email describing the event.
  • In the event of an error a log of the error number and description, a copy of the screen image and printout.
  • In the event of a serious error Hanmak may require a zip file of the data in the enterprise system (Medicentre/Loyon/TunaPOS) database in order to reproduce the error on its server & systems.
Be prepared to give Hanmak authorized access to the system.
The particular user requesting support must provide Hanmak Technologies with an extension or direct line number, or ensure that Hanmak Technologies has their email addresses on file, or cell phone number.
If support calls are to be returned before during or after Normal Working Hours, the particular user requesting support must provide Hanmak Technologies with an extension or direct line number, ensure that Hanmak Technologies has the email addresses on file, or cell phone number, and must make themselves readily available to Hanmak Technologies during the call back.
The Hanmak Technologies support team works diligently to resolve all open items. Some items require extensive research and access to additional resources, and escalation to other consultants and may remain open for longer period than expected. In the event that you have not heard back from the Hanmak Technologies support help desk you can email the Hanmak Technologies support manager at Hanmak Technologies at or call back for a status update. All support is rendered on a best efforts basis. Some calls require follow-up research or 3rd party involvement that may extend call backs and resolution beyond the specified response time.
The following services listed below are termed “In Scope” services and form part of the contracted services. The Hanmak Technologies telephone help desk is there to assist you in the event that the software does not appear to operate according to the software documentation. The helpdesk support services will consist of assisting the client in Hanmak Technologies’ enterprise software related usage in the day-to-day environment as well as basic “troubleshooting” services.

Telephone assistance is provided on technical questions concerning the installation, use and functionality of the enterprise Software and related information. Hanmak Technologies help desk assistance with currently purchased functionality for products or services provided by Hanmak Technologies (direct or indirect), not for the creation of new functionality. Other topics included are:
  • Typical questions such as “where do you find, how do you…, how to...”
  • The Hanmak Technologies help desk will log problems and when requested issue a Ticket Number. Then call back with solutions
  • Give advice on how to ‘repair’ erroneous entries
  • Classify errors by severity, verify errors, and attempt to replicate errors. Some calls require follow-up research or 3rd party involvement that may extend call backs
  • Distinguishing between hardware and software issues.
We term these “Out of Scope” services. These services are not covered by the support contract. Hanmak Technologies help desk service is not for the creation of new functionality. Hanmak Technologies telephone support is not intended to be an administration service. Assistance with interfacing to any 3rd party applications not provided by Hanmak This Hanmak Technologies support agreement does not include the services specified below:
  • Hardware support.
  • Recurring data corruption, malware, adware, virus problems or data corruption services.
  • Evaluation of additional software, add-ons, or 3rd party software.
  • Detailed knowledge of client’s custom set-up options and business procedures.
  • Additional allowances for Client’s Staff Turnover.
  • The Hanmak Technologies helpdesk will not support a client who is no longer using the Software in accordance with the Product manuals, documentation or original license terms and conditions.
  • The Hanmak Technologies helpdesk will not support a client or a third party that has modified or attempted to modify the Software or is using the Software with hardware or software (including operating system software) other than those specifically designated by the relevant software manufacturer for use with the Software.
The Hanmak Technologies technician assisting on the Hanmak Technologies help desk will be familiar with the contracted “in scope” services and “out of scope” services. The Hanmak Technologies technician will advise the client in advance of establishing a meeting as to the status of the event, and the requirements if any associated with scheduling a TeamViewer/AnyDesk session. Any disputes must be referred to Hanmak Technologies customer support.
The Hanmak Technologies support center will set up a meeting with you and instruct you in joining a meeting.
“Normal Working Hours” are defined as Monday to Friday 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM, excluding public holidays as itemized below.
Telephone Support calls after Normal Working Hours will not normally be provided by Hanmak Technologies. If the client requests or needs such services, then Hanmak Technologies may, if it so chooses, elect to provide them, however, advance arrangements will have to be made for these after-hours services. In the event of an emergency the emergency contact number is – +254 (0) 795 057 377, +254 (0) 789 199 524.
Hanmak Technologies officially observes the public holidays below:-
  1. New Year's Day
  2. Labor Day
  3. Christmas Day
  4. Support is only available by special arrangement.
Events are escalated by priority. As it is apparent that the issue cannot be resolved by the Hanmak Technologies Telephone support desk whilst on the phone the event will be logged and escalated in an event queue.

The support team will make its best effort to try and replicate a problem before submission to the support manager’s attention –the next level. The Support manager requires a properly complete ‘support log sheet’ to be completed with a full background scenario and research of every issue reported.

We usually also search the enterprise systems events database on the CRM to see if there are any known issues similar to that reported by the customer. Depending on the priority and severity of the event, the support manager will convene a meeting with the Hanmak Technologies executive team and the event may be escalated to the development team’s attention.
We usually report a critical support issue as soon as it is apparent that the issue cannot be resolved by the support team within a reasonable amount of time depending on the priority and severity of the event.

This may be up to 24 hrs. The Support Technician makes every effort to try and replicate a problem before escalation. We usually also search the Hanmak Technical Support events database hosted in-house to see if there are any known issues similar to that reported by the customer.
The help desk may recommend that the client engages a consultant on-site, or remotely to assist with a particular event. The client will be charged over and above the rate for helpdesk support at Hanmak Technologies’ standard published rates for on-site service at the time. The Hanmak Technologies help desk may at Hanmak Technologies’ discretion refer the client to:-

a. 3rd party Software and Service Partners
Email and request the Hanmak Technologies download site information. You will be able to download and Hanmak enterprise system patches and any module updates.
  1. Hanmak Technologies has a CRM system that logs all customer inquiries.
  2. TeamViewer/AnyDesk allows us to log into your information system
In order of most common to least common.
  1. How to complete a task
  2. How to ‘fix’ incorrect entries.
  3. General information
  4. Installation assistance
  5. Technical assistance
  6. Error reporting, resolution
IT departments and the kind of support they ask for is usually of a technical nature and does require a System Administrator who would have extensive technical knowledge. IT departments demand better access to technical information upgrades etc.
Hanmak Technologies will provide support for all versions of Hanmak enterprise systems with the understanding that support for older Hanmak enterprise systems versions is on a “best effort “ basis and on the understanding that the development team is hard-pressed to provide bug fixes and software patches for older versions that have been retired.
The standard Hanmak Technologies annual maintenance contract is renewable annually depending on when the client signed on to our support services. You can refer to Hanmak Technologies Customer Service for additional contract and pricing information.
All Hanmak Technologies employees sign confidentiality agreements and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of those agreements and keep all information that you may share with the Hanmak Technologies help desk confidential.

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