Hanmak Technologies provides a range of Information Technology services. Listed below are the core areas that we provide services in:

Custom Software Development & Integration in Nairobi, Kenya

We can deliver applications for virtually any business purpose and also integrate new systems with existing ones.

Such applications include and not limited to:

  •     Business Automation
  •     Accounting Systems
  •     Human Resource Systems
  •     Payroll Software

Mobile Devices Application Development

We actively work to increase our involvement in a new prospective market of software development for pocket, mobile and wireless devices. Our expertise is the usage of the communicative potential of the devices, both when they communicate with each other and while accessing the Internet or a corporate network, however we are looking into broadening the range of our skills for this area.

Web Applications Development & Web Design

We can create a smart and functional design for your new website or bring up to date with your current business requirements a website you already have. Our capable team would be happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to develop the most suitable solution.


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