MedicentreV3 (Integrated Healthcare Management Information System)


MedicentreV2 (Hospital Management Information System)

As an end-to-end solution, Medicentre provides a great depth of functionality with a high level of modularity. The solution is built to drive competitive advantage for any healthcare business. The application has grown from the original Hospital Software Medicentre 1.0 released in the year 2010 to the current highly integrated and comprehensive Hospital and Healthcare Management Information Systems.

The following table shows the modules and features present in the two different versions of the software:

  Module / Feature MedicentreV3

(Cloud-Based Integrated Healthcare Management Information System)


(Hospital Management Information System)

1.        Deployment Model Cloud-Based

(Web Application) offered as SAAS)

On-Premise Desktop Application
2.        Technology Platform    
i)                    Programming Language C# C#
ii)                  Framework Dot Net Core Dot Net
iii)                Database PostgreSQL

(Can support others)

iv)                Cross Platform YES Windows
v)                  Accessible on mobile devices All mobile devices Window-based devices
3.      Outlets Management
i)                    Multi-Branch YES NO
ii)                  Centralized Hospital Data YES NO
4.        General Outpatient YES YES
i)                    Patient Registry YES YES
ii)                  Triage YES YES
iii)                Computable vitals YES NO
iv)                Doctor YES YES
v)                  Appointments YES YES
vi)                Smart Appointments YES NO
vii)              Referrals YES YES
viii)            Patient Chart YES NO
ix)                Special Clinics YES YES
x)                  Disease Coding ICD10 ICD10
5.        Laboratory YES YES
i)                    Sample Collection YES NO
ii)                  Sample Tagging YES NO
iii)                Turn Around Time YES NO
iv)                Test Reporting & Submission YES YES
6.        Radiology YES YES
  i)                    Dicom Support YES NO
  ii)                  Examination Reporting & Submission YES YES
7.        Maternity
i)                    Prenatal Clinic YES NO
ii)                  Partograph YES NO
iii)                Development Milestones YES NO
iv)                Mother & Child Welfare YES NO
v)                  Immunizations YES NO
8.        Mobile Eye Clinic YES NO
9.        Dialysis YES NO
10.    Morgue YES YES
11.    Outreach YES NO
i)                    General Outreach YES NO
ii)          Polio Inoculation YES NO
12.    CDS (Clinical Decision Support) Tools YES NO
i)                    Order Sets YES NO
13.    Inpatient YES YES
i)                    Admission & Wards YES YES
ii)                  Drug  Administration Chart YES YES
iii)                General Observation Chart YES YES
iv)                Neurological Observation Chart YES YES
v)                  Continuation Notes YES YES
vi)                Nursing Notes (CARDEX) YES YES
14.    Theatre
i)                    Theatre Requests YES YES
ii)                  Theatre Notes YES YES
iii)                Pre-Operative  Checklist YES YES
iv)                Intra-Operative Checklist YES YES
v)                  Post-Operative Checklist YES YES
15.    Pharmacy
i)                    Prescriptions YES YES
ii)                  Prescription Labels YES YES
iii)                Automated Stock Updates YES YES
16.    Telemedicine YES NO
i)                    Patient Portal YES NO
17.    Patient Billing YES YES
  i)                    Billing of all hospital services YES YES
  ii)                  Patient groups /schemes YES YES
  iii)                Pricing by patient group/scheme YES YES
18.    Automated Billing / Charges YES YES
  i)                    Automated charges for default services YES NO
  ii)                  Automated charges upon prescription YES YES
  iii)                Automated charges upon lab request YES YES
  iv)                Automated charges upon radiology request YES YES
  v)                  Automated daily bed charges YES NO
19.    Inventory
i)                    Multi-Storage Locations YES YES
ii)                  Stock List YES YES
iii)                Internal Orders YES YES
iv)                Inter-Branch Orders YES NO
v)                  Stock Take YES YES
vi)                Barcode-supported stock take YES NO
vii)              Mobile stock take YES NO
viii)            Unit of Measure Conversions YES NO
20.    Procurement YES YES
i)                    Requisition Note YES YES
ii)                  Purchase Order YES YES
iii)                Converting Requisition Note to Purchase Order YES NO
21.    General Accounting YES YES
i)                    General Ledger YES YES
ii)                  Payables YES YES
iii)                Receivables YES YES
iv)                Petty Cash YES YES
v)                  End-of-Shift Cash Reconciliation YES YES
vi)                Bank Reconciliation YES YES
22.    Asset Management YES NO
i)                    Automated Depreciation YES NO
ii)                  Equipment Servicing YES NO
23.    Budgeting YES YES
i)                    Basic Budgeting YES YES
ii)                  Advanced Budgeting YES NO
24.    Design Studio YES NO
25.    Generic Modules YES NO
26.    Chat YES NO
27.    Human Resource YES YES
i)                    Employee Register YES YES
ii)                  Consultants Management YES YES
iii)                Payroll YES YES
iv)                Leave Management YES NO
v)                  Duty Roaster / Scheduling YES NO
vi)                Employee Portal YES NO
28.    Document Management YES NO
29.    Document Storage YES NO
30.    Queue Panel Integration YES YES
31.    Standard Reports YES YES
  i)                    Clinical Reports YES YES
  ii)                  Procurement Reports YES YES
  iii)                HR Reports YES YES
  iv)                Inventory Reports YES YES
v)                  Accounting Reports YES YES
32.  Automated Notifications & Alerts YES YES
i)                    Patient queue alerts YES YES
ii)                  Patient queue overstay alert YES NO
iii)                Item expiry alert YES YES
iv)                Stock reorder level alert YES YES
v)                  Out-of-stock alerts YES YES
vi)                Unprocessed / Unfinalized bills YES YES
33.    Business Intelligence Dashboard YES NO
  i)                    Healthcare Dashboard YES NO
  ii)                  Inventory Dashboard YES NO
  iii)                HR Dashboard YES NO
  iv)                Procurement Dashboard YES NO
  v)                  Financial Dashboard YES NO
34.    Third Party Integrations YES NO
i)                    Lab Equipment Integration (Hematology) YES NO
ii)                  Lab Equipment Integration (Urinalysis) YES NO
iii)                Dicom Integration for Imaging YES NO
iv)                Ipay Integration (mPesa,VISA, MasterCard,) YES NO
v)                  Insurance Integration (SMART) YES YES
vi)                Insurance Integration (SLADE) YES NO
vii)              Bulk SMS Integration YES NO
35.  Security of Data
i)                    Role-based authorization YES YES
ii)                  Password encryption YES YES
36.  Disaster Recovery Resources
i)                    Automated back-ups (Local/Remote) YES YES
ii)                  Disaster recovery support (Hanmak Team) YES YES

Who are our target customers for MedicentreV3?

Level of Hospitals denotes: (Level I, II, III, IV, V, VI)

  • Any level of hospital that has stable internet connectivity
  • Any level of hospital with a special clinics and maternity department
  • Any level of hospital that is looking for a complete Integrated Healthcare Management Information System
  • Any level of hospital that appreciates new technology
  • Any level of hospital that has multiple branches
  • Any level of hospital that is interested in various third party system integrations- Smart Integration, M-pesa Integration, Lab equipment Integration, Dicom Integration, Bulk SMS Integration etc.
  • Any level of hospital that needs customizations on the system- This is a billable service

MedicentreV3, the online version is the most recent technology release of the Medicentre Healthcare Management Information System. MedicentreV3 has significant improvements and additional features. It is worth noting that the functionality for both versions is pretty much the same the only difference is the additional features on the cloud application. With the advent of artificial intelligence, machine learning and the big data, the future is definitely cloud. That makes the offline solution (MedicentreV2) a retiring version and that explains why we are not doing further improvements on the offline solution.

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